Chicago Wedding Cakes.Your search for Chicago wedding cakes stops here! Our wedding cakes are not only beautiful to the eye, they are also unbelievably pleasing to the palette. We encourage our brides to bring their imagination to us, and we promise to bring your ideas and creativity to life to produce the wedding cake of your dreams. Lana's Dazzling Desserts combines art, taste, and love in each hand-crafted wedding cake. Among Chicago wedding cakes, our product delivers true elegance and memories to last a lifetime. Specialty Cakes Chicago. Our aim is to make your life's most celebrated special occasions sweeter with every bite of our cakes. We can create custom specialty cakes according to color, shape or celebratory occasion. Whether your child's favorite cartoon character is Nemo, or your husband's favorite past-time is gambling, our specialty cakes will bring forth your unique celebratory needs. In addition to our specialty cakes , we also have beautifully decorated cakes available for the more spontaneous dessert lover.

Wedding Cakes

Allow us to help you create lasting memories on your wedding day with our stunning wedding cakes and sweet tables. Our creations are not only visually appealing, but also pleasing to the palette. We invite brides and grooms to bring their creative ideas to us, and we will help you transform your creations to life. Lana’s Dazzling Desserts can make your wedding cake in any size, shape, or color.

wedding_cake_01 Wedding cake 1
wedding_cake_02 Wedding Cake 2
Chanel wedding cake Wedding Cake 3
Chocolate&gold1 Wedding cake 4
wedding_cake_05 Wedding cake 5
gold and plum 1 Wedding cake 6
gold travel Wedding cake 7
wedding_cake_08 Wedding cake 8
wedding_cake_09 Wedding cake 9
wedding_cake_10 Wedding cake 10
wedding_cake_11 Wedding Cake 11
wedding_cake_12 Wedding cake 12
wedding_cake_13 Wedding cake 13
wedding_cake_14 Wedding cake 14
wedding_cake_15 Wedding Cake 15
wedding_cake_16 Wedding Cake 16
wedding_cake_17 Wedding Cake 17
wedding_cake_18 Wedding Cake 18
wedding_cake_19 Wedding Cake 19
wedding_cake_20 Wedding Cake 20
wedding_cake_21 Wedding cake 21
wedding_cake_23 Wedding cake 22
wedding_cake_24 Wedding cake 23
wedding_cake_25 Wedding cake 24
wedding_cake_26 Wedding cake 25
wedding_cake_026 Wedding cake 26
wedding_cake_27 Wedding cake 27
wedding_cake_28 Wedding Cake 28
wedding_cake_29 Wedding Cake 29
wedding_cake_30 Wedding cake 30
wedding_cake_030 Wedding cake 31
wedding_cake_31 wedding cake 32
wedding_cake_32 Wedding Cake 33
wedding_cake_33 Wedding Cake 34
wedding_cake_34 Wedding Cake 35
wedding_cake_35 Wedding Cake 36
wedding_cake_36 Wedding Cake 37
wedding_cake_37 Wedding Cake 38
wedding_cake_38 Wedding Cake 39
wedding_cake_391 Wedding Cake 40
weddingcake34 Wedding Cake 41
white_roses Wedding Cake 42
wedding_cake_401 Wedding Cake 43
black_and_white_with_feathers Wedding cake 44
wedding_cake_41 Wedding Cake 45
chicago Wedding Cake 46
chocolate_ruffles Wedding Cake 47
drapery Wedding Cake 48
flowers_2 Wedding Cake 49
flowers Wedding Cake 50
fruit_and_flowers Wedding Cake 51
gift_wrapped Wedding Cake 52
monogram Wedding Cake 53
pattern Wedding Cake 54
pearls Wedding Cake 55
roses (1) Wedding Cake 56
strawberries Wedding Cake 57
tm Wedding Cake 58