Chicago Wedding Cakes.Your search for Chicago wedding cakes stops here! Our wedding cakes are not only beautiful to the eye, they are also unbelievably pleasing to the palette. We encourage our brides to bring their imagination to us, and we promise to bring your ideas and creativity to life to produce the wedding cake of your dreams. Lana's Dazzling Desserts combines art, taste, and love in each hand-crafted wedding cake. Among Chicago wedding cakes, our product delivers true elegance and memories to last a lifetime. Specialty Cakes Chicago. Our aim is to make your life's most celebrated special occasions sweeter with every bite of our cakes. We can create custom specialty cakes according to color, shape or celebratory occasion. Whether your child's favorite cartoon character is Nemo, or your husband's favorite past-time is gambling, our specialty cakes will bring forth your unique celebratory needs. In addition to our specialty cakes , we also have beautifully decorated cakes available for the more spontaneous dessert lover.

Kids Cakes

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alice_in_woderland Alice in Wonderland
alladin Alladin
babyshower1 Baby Shower
barbie Barbie
beatboy Bear Boy
beaver Beaver
butterfly_cake Butterfly Cake
butterfly Butterfly
castle Castle 1
castle2 Castle 2
chelsea Chelsea
chess Chess
chochotrain Cho-Cho Train
crown Crown
cupcake Cupcake
fall Fall
first_birthday First Birthday
flying Carlson
giftbox Gift Box
giraffe Giraffe
guitar Guitar
hedgehog Hedgehog
ironman Ironman
lady_bug Lady bug
cars Cars
lotus Lotus
mini Mini
monkey Monkey
myrmaid Myrmaid
owl Owl
piggy Olivia the Pig
pink Pink
pirates Pirates
poke-a-dots Poke-a-dots
princess Princess and Prince
red_carpet Red Carpet
second_birthday Second Birthday
swimming Swimming pool
tangled Tangled
teddy_bear_1 Toys
teddy_bear_2 Teddy Bear
teddy_bear_3 Half Birthday
the_sea The Sea
thomas Thomas
tink Tink
tinkerbell Tinkerbell
train1 Train
treasure_chest Treasure Chest
tweedybird TweedyBird
bunny Summer Meadow
twins Twins
zoo Jungle
Dinosaur Dinasaur
PaddingZoo Petting zoo
Lion2_icon Lion2
HelloKitty Hellow kitty
Tiger Tiger